USGBC To Aid in Rebuilding A ‘Green’ Haiti

With the help of the U.S Green Building Council, earthquake-ravaged Haiti is to be restored in more sustainable, green manner. The council has described itself as being ‘uniquely’ positioned to create new sustainable infrastructure like homes, schools, hospitals, and other important national infrastructure in the earthquake-ravaged country.

The Caribbean country was hit by a massive earthquake on January 11 that left thousands of people without food and shelter. The disaster has left thousands dead and many suffering, inspiring individuals as well as organizations to lend direct aid.

USGBC representative Rick Fredrizzi traveled to Haiti along with UN Envoy and former US President Bill Clinton and and a working staff to assess the situation and set out a strategy to rebuild sustainably, while making marked improvements on the national infrastructure compared to how it once stood.

Similar approaches to sustainable infrastructure by USGBC sponsored rebuilding projects were successful in the restoration of tornado-ravaged Greensburg Kansas in 2007, as well as New Orleans which was devastated by Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

In Greenburg, several buildings that included banks, car dealerships, schools, hospitals, and grocery stores were awarded LEED certification after most of the town was decimated.

In New Orleans, housing projects that incorporate energy-smart residential projects which include green roofing, reclaimed materials, and solar panelling. The technologies used here also serve as a means to lower costs in the long-term for residents.

A channel for charitable donations through the Clinton Foundation Haiti Relief Fund is also being established. The Foundation was established in order to address the problems of global climate change, lack of access to financial and educational opportunities of working poor families, and nationwide health issues.

Learn more about the USGBC’s work in Haiti here.

Click here to learn more about the Clinton Foundation Haiti Relief Fund.

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