Using oil-based soap on hardwood floors

I’ve recently become something of a regular on the FloorTalk blog by fellow flooring blogger Shannon Bilby, the blog sponsored by the World Floor Covering Association.  Shannon always has something interesting to say about the practicalities and design elements of all kinds of flooring, including hardwood.

Recently, she  posted her findings about using Murphy’s Oil Soap on a hardwood floor.  In recent years, I’ve found that a lot of people out there on the ‘internets’ are asking the question about best uses of this product.  A lot of people have been concerned about reports of a filmy residue left on the surface of their floors after cleaning them using the product.  But, I’ve not found a definitive answer to the question to determine whether this is the case, or if it is, that the product has been used correctly.

Take a look at Shannon’s post to see what the answers are, direct from the Murphy’s technical support team with whom she consulted before posting.

Thanks FloorTalk!



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