Verdict: Changing Seasons with My Wool Bedding

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Shelling out the big bucks on a wool duvet was something I debated long and hard. Five months later, I’m overjoyed I made the purchase. Why? Read on!


Around Christmas, 2014, I wrote some blogs about why investing in new bedding is a super-smart move for anyone.

At that time, I’d been researching bedding and decided to get a wool duvet because of its dust mite resistance and ability to be hot/cool when needed. I opted to capitalize on all the big sales and not only did I jump at buying a wool duvet, but I splurged for a wool knop pillow too.

I was skeptical that it’d make that much of a difference, but over four months later, I’m overjoyed I spent that money when I did.

Why I needed wool

One thing people rave about with wool is how it somehow magically knows to keep you cool when it’s hot, yet keep you warm when it’s cool. What sorcery is this?!

Me, I was iffy on those claims, but I generally assume that if enough people state something, it’s probably true.

With my memory of last year’s “shoulder seasons” to haunt me, it was worth taking a chance on wool. In my 1931 character apartment, my radiators in my bedroom are permanently turned on. This equals me having windows open year-round. Come March and April of 2014, I found myself kicking my comforter off nightly to sleep with only a sheet.

Overheating at night isn’t just uncomfortable, it’s flat-out disruptive and unhealthy. When not sleeping through the night, it takes a toll on everything from patience through to work productivity.

Enter my mid-weight wool duvet and fancy, expensive pillow.

Do I love my wool bedding?

You bet I do. It’s been life-changing for me this past season. By this time last year I was already sleeping with a thin cover blanket since March, which I did until October. My new bedding arrived the first week of January and I thought I’d get to use the duvet until maybe March. It’s mid-May and there’s no end in sight for comfy sleeps.

I’ve literally kicked my duvet off maybe 3 times this spring, but that’s it.

Even better, I find I have less joint stiffness in the morning. This is because, in addition to sweating less from better breathability, wool also wicks away moisture and can absorb up to 30% of its weight without appearing to be moist at all. This feature is why wool bedding is so recommended for folks with arthritis and other joint issues.

This is an even more wonderful perk when you’re talking about my wool knop pillow, which keeps my neck “dry” during the night and thus gives me less neck kinks and stiffness in the day.

I also have fewer allergies, since my wool pillow doesn’t absorb dust the same way as regular-fill pillows do. Yay for dust-mite resistance!

My verdict?

If you’re not allergic to wool, can be finicky about room temperature for sleeping, and you have dust allergies, I think a wool duvet might be a wonderful choice for you.

They’re not cheap, but they’re worth the investment. I’m sleeping far more, and far better, than I did at this time last year. I’m comfortable, cool, and cozy on any given night, and if I had it to do all over again, I’d buy the same products once more.

In fact, I love my wool pillow so much that I’ve bought the largest rolling duffel bag I can find in order to bring it along with me on my world travels. Now that’s a commitment purchase!

Are you sleeping soundly enough? Maybe you can find some great products on sale this summer. We both know you’re worth it!

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