Versatile Bamboo! Uses for Bamboo You Didn’t Know About

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It has been established that bamboo is a “green” option in flooring in particular. I like to think that we at BuildDirect have had a part to play in that.

But, another aspect of the bamboo plant is how versatile it is, used in the making of many products, and used in a variety of contexts across the spectrum of human experience beyond bamboo flooring. To help to ilustrate this, and for  those of you who haven’t seen the epic-scale 19 Interesting Ways We Use Bamboo post we did a few years ago, here’s a visual representation of that post for your consideration.

Take a look, and tell us which uses surprised you the most.


Miracle material?

Bamboo is certainly on the green building materials spectrum, ticking off a lot (but not all) of the boxes that place it in a pretty good position to being labeled eco-friendly in many contexts. For instance, it grows very quickly, and is not harmed by the harvesting process. Once established, the very same bamboo plants that were harvested today will grow about a foot by tomorrow.

From high-tech to extremely low-tech, bamboo has been a go-to material as you can tell from the above. In many parts of the world, bamboo is counted on to do a lot of the jobs that a manufactured material like does. When talking about building and construction, this includes uses that require a material with high tensile strength, which is a fancy way of saying that it doesn’t tend to snap when it’s under great pressure. Bamboo has been compared to steel on this front.

But, I think there’s more to be understood about bamboo when we consider the list above.

Surrounded by natural elements

For me, one of the takeaways of this graphic is about the connection to the natural world, which bamboo tends to remind us of in all of its uses. This sounds kind of flaky, maybe. But, even the presence of natural patterns, and of nature in general can have tremendous psychological benefits. And I think too that having some kind of connection with natural materials like bamboo, no matter how they’re used, reminds us that we are a part of a greater context, and that the actions we take while in it has an impact for good or ill.

Your thoughts?

Which use of bamboo surprised you the most? The least?

Do you use any of the bamboo products on the list?

Are there some obvious bamboo products we’ve missed?

Tell me about it in the comments section!




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