Vertical Gardens And Patios: Defining An Outdoor Space

patio and trellis backyard

Vertical gardens are the perfect compliment to the horizontal patio surface in an outdoor living space. Here are some ways to integrate them.


A garden is an ideal addition to any home if you want fresh vegetables or beautiful flowers. However, if outdoor space is at a premium, you might think it’s impossible to have a garden in your front or backyard. This is when a vertical garden is a great solution.

Grow climbing vegetables using a trellis

Climbing vegetables such as beans, tomatoes, and cucumbers thrive when grown on a trellis. There are many advantages to growing vegetables like these on a trellis. Vertical gardens create better air flow, so plants dry faster and fungal diseases like powdery mildew have a harder time taking over.

Additionally, growing vegetables on a trellis means garden pests such as mice, rabbits, and slugs won’t eat your entire harvest before you can enjoy it. Finally, vertical gardening on a trellis makes it easier to pick your vegetables when they’re ready.

Create a garden from a pallet

Wooden shipping pallets are ideal for creating vertical gardens for small flowers. If you don’t have your own shipping pallet, stop by a local garden supply store or hardware store and see if they have any pallets they were planning on throwing away. Once you have your pallet, you simply need some soil, landscape fabric, and your plants.

Cover the bottom, sides, and back with the landscape fabric, fill the pallet with soil, and add your flowers. Finally, you can prop your pallet on any wall where you want a touch of color. Keep in mind that some pallets are treated with harmful chemicals, so it’s better to grow flowers instead of herbs or vegetables for consuming.

Recycle old soda bottles

Another simple way to create your own vertical garden is by recycling old soda bottles. To start, drill two holes through the top and bottom of the side of the bottle so you can hang it up and then string rope through the holes. Next, cut out a section in the middle of the bottle for the plant. Fill this hole with dirt and your plant and attach the rope to a wall for a hanging vertical garden.

Stack pots on a ladder

If you want to enjoy the advantages of a vertical garden but you have no desire to construct anything, a simple ladder and a few pots of plants are exactly what you need. Simply open a ladder in a corner where you would like your vertical garden, and stack pots on the steps of the ladder. You can even add a hook to the ladder for a hanging plant.

Give old furniture a new life

If you have an old dresser that you’re thinking about throwing away, you can upcycle it and turn it into a vertical garden instead. First, drill holes into the bottom of the dresser for drainage. Then, stagger how far you pull out each drawer for a cascading garden. Then, fill each drawer with dirt and add the plants you want to display.

If you have a small space or you want a unique garden, keep these vertical garden ideas in mind for your patio or backyard.


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