Video Tour of the ‘Green Life Smart Life” LEED Certified Home

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Thanks to some of our followers on Twitter, I was directed to this video which  showcases a Gold LEED Certified residence.  This example shows how green building and cutting edge technology seem to dovetail.  Take a look.

You can get another first hand impression by reading this article on the Residential Systems Blog.

leed-certificationThe points made about green in the video, and also some of the numbers that comes out of utilizing the technology are truly impressive.  But, in some ways it’s kind of intimidating too.  How does the average person, for instance, trick out their own pads with all of this technology?  It seems, in places,  like kind of an expensive thing to do.

Yet according to the article written by someone who visited the house, the residents Joe Hageman and Kimberly Lancaster Hageman are pretty restrained in terms of their tech set up (maybe barring the server room).  And sure the house employs some pretty major technology to help to keep it sustainable, like a geo-thermal HVAC system.  But, a lot of the places where they earned their points was in the simple solutions;  sourcing furniture which is made locally, choosing energy star appliances, fitting efficiently-insulated windows, and using green-friendly water-based paint.  These aren’t high-tech toys that are out of reach.

One of the goals of building green in this case was to inspire others to do the same.  And hopefully the simple approaches to the complex problem of energy savings and sustainable buildings will be the inspiration not only to individual families, but to developers and community planners looking to build on a large scale.  The goal here, as I’m sure the residents of this house would agree, is to make this level of low-impact living into the standard for everyone.

To learn more about this project, check out the Green Life Smart Life website.



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