Vinyl Floors: The Easiest Installation of Your Life!

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How easy is it to install vinyl flooring in your home? So easy. The easiest. In this video, BuildDirect co-founder Rob Banks shares some vinyl benefits (No underlayment! Affordable! Stylish!), and talks you through the basics of your first click-lock vinyl installation.

Plus, an overview of how vinyl has evolved past its humble, budget-floor origins into a stylish, legitimate alternative to laminate and engineered hardwood.

Did you know that you can make cuts to vinyl planks using just a ruler and utility knife / box-cutter?  And that’s just one of the fun facts demonstrated in our “How to Install Vinyl Flooring” video. Take a look, and let us know you think. Any questions about using vinyl flooring in your home?

Ever installed vinyl before? Thoughts on vinyl as a style option? Let us know in the comments!

the vinyl frontier

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