Wacky and Tacky Thanksgiving Centerpieces

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While Thanksgiving is a season of remembering what we’re thankful for, it’s also a cornucopia of festive decor – some tasteful and some just plain tacky. Well, because we’re more interested in the odd side of things, we’ve compiled this gallery of some of the wackiest and tackiest Thanksgiving centerpieces around.


Eat More Beef

Just as Chick-fil-A has been running TV ads that feature mischievous cows lobbying for humans to eat more chicken, this wacky Thanksgiving centerpiece features a turkey with another point of view.

Thanksgiving Baby

While the endless debate between poultry vs. beef will rage on for ages, it doesn’t take any kind of moderated deliberation for both sides to agree that the idea of eating a baby for Thanksgiving is off the table. Eat less baby!

Mr. Gourd Head

Autumn is characterized by its heavy use of pumpkins and other gourds in its festive fall decor but this particular centerpiece falls somewhere far from center. Looking more appropriate for Halloween than anything, this Mr. Gourd Head concoction is one odd Thanksgiving centerpiece!

The Pinecone Peacock

Between the sentiment of Thanks and the rich color palette of autumn, Thanksgiving brings with it a plethora of elegant centerpiece options; however, this homemade ware is not one of them. With the pinecone as its core, this Thanksgiving turkey is really more of a peacock.

The First Lego Thanksgiving

We’ve all seen the reenactment of the first Thanksgiving; a cordial feast shared by the Pilgrims and the Native Americans that gave birth to the day of thanks, but since when did Luke Skywalker, Indiana Jones, Darth Vader and Yoda have a hand in it all? This Thanksgiving centerpiece was clearly the brainchild of just that, a child – not a historian.

(But speaking as a geek, it’s awesome. “Darth, would you please say grace?”)

Breadbasket Blunder

Sure, the handle and head of a wooden spoon kind of resemble the neck and head of a creature (in a rudimentary way) but this breadbasket is obviously a display of fashion over function. After all, it seems like you have to dodge a number of obstacles, just to grab a piece of bread!

The Nightmare Before Thanksgiving

If you’ve ever seen The Nightmare Before Christmas, you’d know that this freakish Thanksgiving bird is a lot like Sally – a character that was created by the gruesome sewing together of various body parts to make the whole. Although creative, it’s likely that staring at this demon spawn while eating would be murder on the appetite.

Nut Tree? No Thanks

It’s true what they say; for everything there is a season, for everything there is a time. While autumn is a fruitful season for the harvest and a bounty of nuts and berries, a centerpiece such as this, is simply undeserving of time. Yes, for everything there is a season, except this hideously tacky nut tree centerpiece.

A Fun and Functional Fruit Bowl

Unlike the tacky pieces from above, we’re going to give this wacky piece a bit of credit because it’s at least functional. Above and beyond its bright colors and eye-catching qualities, it’s also a great way to turn a more mundane fruit bowl into a fun display that kids will absolutely love!

You Call that a Turkey?

Last but not least on our list of wacky and tacky Thanksgiving centerpieces is yet another crude excuse for a Thanksgiving turkey. Aside from the somewhat convincing tail feathers, the gourd-on-gourd approach to creating the illusion of a torso and head makes this bird look more like a hideous hormone-saturated creature that was raised on the KFC farm.


We hope you enjoyed this gallery of wacky and tacky Thanksgiving centerpieces and above all, we hope you’ve learned your lesson – Thanksgiving is a day of thankfulness, not tastelessness.

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