Wall Decorating Tips To Make Your Space Unique

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The walls of your home are each a blank canvas, waiting for you to apply the personality and spark. If you want to do amp up your wall decoration mojo, how do you go about it? And what about practical concerns of wall decorating, like reducing clutter, and making smaller rooms look larger?

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Writer Sandra Macdonald talks about the importance of walls, and not just as structural necessities no matter what kind of home you’ve got. But, as a way of bringing your space to life in your own unique way.


Walls can do much more for your home than hold the roof in place. A wall is an empty canvas waiting to express your personal style. Walls offer convenient space for storage, hanging pictures and self-expression. When it comes to designing walls, you aren’t limited to paint and wall paper. Use your imagination to turn your walls into functional, eye-catching spaces.

Decorating Family Walls

Get your family involved in creating walls that exhibit your creativity and display your favorite memories. A photo collage adds life and color to the wall above a living room sofa or fireplace mantel. Ask your kids to contribute photos from school trips, vacations or sports events to turn a wall into a visual document of your family life. Display photos in colorful frames with custom picture hangers for friends to enjoy.

With a little elbow grease and some picture hangers supplies, you can install a home gallery in your living room. Instead of letting your kids’ finger paintings and macaroni collages languish on your refrigerator, display them in colorful frames in your living room, kitchen or bedroom. Turn a single wall into a family gallery, with rotating “installations” every few months.

Wall Design for Small Spaces

In small homes or apartments where space is at a premium, walls can come to the rescue by offering vertical storage areas. Hanging wall organizers can hold everything from office supplies to shoes. To maximize light in a small kitchen or bathroom, replace standard cabinets with recessed shelves or niches. In a tiny kitchen, walls can serve as a space to hang utensils, pots and pans.

For a simple trick that enlarges a bathroom or bedroom, design a wall with mirrors. Mirrors add depth and visual interest to small rooms, especially when you add a personal touch by surrounding the frame with a decoupage of images from magazines or digital photos. Decorate a mirror frame with an antique lace border or borders cut from an old road map. A unique mirror enhances the dimensions of a room, focuses attention and brings a flat, boring wall to life.


Thanks, Sandra!

Sandra McDonald is a retired wedding planner from Washington State. Sandra now spends her time taking care of three boys and two dogs, while also doing some wedding consulting on the side.



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