Warm Color Schemes For Winter (And All Year Long)

When winter puts a chill in your bones, consider these warm color schemes and accents to add comfort, coziness, and style to serve your space all year long.


With temperatures dropping daily and the forecast looking bleak, winter is the season for spending your days indoors, keeping warm with your loved ones. Just because the weather is chilly doesn’t mean your decoration scheme should follow suit! Redecorating is a fun, inside project to keep you out of the cold, and to keep those creative juices from freezing over. Here are a few ways to warm up the inside of your home.

Gold and Plum Decadence

Give your rooms a regal overhaul with shades of gold and plum. Together, gold and plum are gorgeous, whether just used as accents or for a full repaint. Pick out a deep plum for an accent wall or reframe some of your pictures in beautiful gold art deco frames.

If you have a small room you’re looking to redo, be careful with dark colors – instead, pick out a light purple or lavender, which are great calming colors, perfect for bedrooms. For an easy, playful change, paint the back of a bookshelf plum to make the shelves really pop and add some colors to your room.

Playful Citrus

Oranges, yellows, and greens conjure the warmth and fun of summer – what better to decorate your home or apartment with during the cold months than colors that remind you of warmer days! While you may want to avoid the neon shades of these colors, rich or pale shades of citrus can liven up a paint job and keep the winter blues at bay.

Warm Color Schemes for Winter
(image: r. nial bradshaw)

Use citrus colored accents like bottles or drapes, to add a little sunshine to your decor. Using a citrus motif is also a fun way to add a little summer fun to your home. For a unique spin, check out some vintage wallpaper in citrus colors, and paper your shelves, or turn them into accent decorations.

Statement Reds

Often overlooked because of its bold nature, reds make a statement, whether you’re painting a whole room or just adding in some punches of color. Have a large space? Use a gorgeous deep burgundy complemented by black and white, or gold decoration accents to add a touch of elegance to your dining room.

For just a little pop, pick up a few pillows in red with fun designs to spruce up your couch and liven up your living room during the cold winter months. In the kitchen, stock up on prints in red colors and hang up a gallery wall for an impressive display you may love so much, you keep it year round! Stay towards warmer shades to combat the winter chill.

Calming greens

Conjure memories of spring time with shades of green. Make a statement with bold forest green walls, lightened with a gallery wall of your friends and family, or nature prints.

warm color schemes for winter

Freshen up your bedroom with pretty green bedding, or pick out some drapes to contrast with the winter wonderland outside your window. A green tablecloth or runner will liven up any dinner party.

Shake off the winter blues

Just because winter is monochromatic, doesn’t mean your house has to be. Shake off the winter blues with these fun warm color paint schemes, and you may love them enough to keep them through the summer!

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