Windows and Sliding Doors Cleaning Tips

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This spring make sure your home is in tip-top shape both inside and out, including your windows and sliding doors. The screens can get a grayed dingy look to them as the seasons change, so add a little zest to your window screens and door screens too, and freshen them up with a fresh cleaning.

Washing your windows without the streaks

There is nothing worse than cleaning windows and screens, only to see streaks on them when you’re done. But, there are ways to keep this from happening, as well using products on the market to make your life in this area much easier. Take a look at the following suggestions to help your cleaning efforts this spring.

  • Take down all the screens and get ready to clean them. Make sure your screens are able to handle a scrubbing. Soaking the screens is another effective method of returning window screens to their former condition. If your screens need repairs or replacement, this is a great time to take care of that. The same goes for your sliding screen doors
  • Clean out the area where the screen was mounted on the window or sliding door track. These spots have a tendency to build up dirt and grime, making your windows appear dingy and dull, and often impeding smooth opening and closing too.
  • Thoroughly clean the window panes and door glass with white vinegar and water, and a squeegee. Soap and warm water works well, too. Using a squeegee is the best way to optimize your cleaning  when enjoying a guaranteed streak-free result. For those areas that need touch ups, use a paper towel or a rag that has not been in the dryer with a fabric softener sheet; dryer sheets add a waxy coating to fabric so that it smells good and is soft; it is this coating that can leave terrible streaks on glass.
  • Get ready to wash the screens. Set them on the side of your home or on the concrete ground. You will need soap and water, and a light-bristled scrub brush garden hose attachment for this. Rinse the screens, then using the soap and water, scrub them. It is deceptive how much dirt and build-up can get caught in a screen, but if not done properly all of that built-up dirt will simply smear around on the surface.
  • Do the other side and allow to dry after rinsing. This process may take two or three more times before the screens are completely clean.

Once the screens are completely dry, reinstall them onto their originating window. It is important to make sure they are totally dry or they may splatter moisture onto your newly cleaned window during installation.

Enjoy The View

Once you have finished this task, take the time to enjoy the view outside. You will also notice that when you open your windows to get some fresh air, that the air will smell nice and fresh coming through your newly cleaned screens. This is because all the old dust and dirt is not tainting the fresh air entering your home.

Make spring the best it can be by maintaining and cleaning your outside windows and screens. Taking the time to do this process right will give you months of pretty views and springtime freshness.

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