Watch Us Make A Floor: Door Frames and Wood Floors

Reading Time: 1 minute

In any successful wood floor installation, a lot of the value will be found in the details.  This is true of a lot of things, perhaps.  But, wood floors are long-term additions to a space, and noted for how much aesthetic value they add.  So, you’re going to want to get those details right.

One such detail is the doorframe, which can seem like a very awkward job if you aren’t sure how to proceed.  In light of that, here’s Rob and Matt to show you how it’s done.

Following on this idea of details and ways to get a clean-looking wood floor installation, the next installment of our series will show you how to cut your flooring and install it around your heating registers.



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Rob Jones

Rob served as Editor-In-Chief of BuildDirect Blog: Life At Home from 2007-2016. He is a writer, Dad, content strategist, and music fan.