Watch Us Make A Floor: How to Order Flooring

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…And here’s more of our series, Watch Us Make a Floor!

When looking to install a wood  floor, and learning about the benefits of the floor of your choice (in Patrick and Jody’s case, a maple engineered floor), it’s time to order it.

Matt takes us through the steps of ordering from us, BuildDirect.

There are other channels through which to order your floors of course.  But, wherever you get your order from, remember that you’ll need to order a bit extra for wastage.  This usually adds up to about 5-10% of your square footage, according to your skill level.   Better to have a bit extra than to run out of floor.

But, back to our project!

On Monday, we’ll show you around the site to give you an idea of the ‘before’, keeping in mind that eventually we’re going to show you the glorious ‘after’ once this wood floor has been installed.

Have a great weekend, all!



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