Watch Us Make A Floor: Inspecting the Installation Site and Subfloor

Reading Time: 1 minute

Today, we’re talking about preparing the site for your wood floor installation, particularly when it comes to the surface over which your new flooring will be installed.  As mentioned yesterday, it is important, nay vital, to make sure that the substrate or subfloor over which you’re installing a wood floor is suitable.

This takes in a few points which Rob Banks, Co-Founder of BuildDirect, explains in today’s installment of our series, Watch Us Make A Floor.  Take a look!

Check back in with us tomorrow. We’ll talk a bit about wood floor layout strategies, particularly with regard to natural color variation in wood flooring.


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Rob Jones

Rob served as Editor-In-Chief of BuildDirect Blog: Life At Home from 2007-2016. He is a writer, Dad, content strategist, and music fan.