Watch Us Make A Floor: Wood Floor Color variation and Layout

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So, at this point you’ve decided on your floor, ordered it, let it acclimate, and have prepared the installation site. Your subfloor is level, dry, and clean. The next step is to think about how to lay out your flooring so that it brings your interior to life the way you envisioned it. But, what factors should you consider?

One big one is color variation. Since your wood floor is a natural material, you’re going to see some color variation in the batch you’ve ordered. Take a look at today’s video, as Rob Banks and Matt Dickinson talk about some tips and best practices when thinking about a floor layout strategy, particularly with color variation in mind:

The next episode in our series is the reviewing of the tools you need for a wood flooring installation. Some of them are vital, some just ‘nice to have’. We’ll talk about all of them.


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