Watch Us Make A Floor: Wood Floor Installation Mess

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Even though it’s become much easier for the non-professional in more recent years, wood flooring installation is a big job. And because of this, pointers on how to make the most of your energy and your time when installing wood floors can be like gold.

As you install your wood floor, one big consideration is mess. From the dust that is created when you’re cutting boards, to the glue you might use to strengthen the hold of installed boards, to the scraps of boards which you’ve cut, it can make a tough job tougher if you don’t manage it correctly.

Here’s Rob and Matt talking about some of the ways to minimize onsite mess when you’re installing a prefinished wood floor:

On Monday, we’ll look at cleaning wood flooring in the long term, after you’ve installed them, to do what you can to keep them looking as great as they do when they’re first installed.


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Rob Jones

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