Watch Us Wreck A Floor Patio Party!

As promised, we had a few of our friends around to see our laminate floor, which we’re trying to wreck by installing it outside in the middle of February.  It’s been out there for three weeks!  In any case, we wanted you to get the opinions of the experts.  So our friends from the blogging community, and from the Realtor community too here in Vancouver obliged us.  Here’s what they said.

Thanks to everyone who came, and everyone who meant to be there too, but couldn’t. We’re definitely going to use the patio more this year, wrecked floor or not!

Now, with a policy of full disclosure in place,  it behooves me to tell you that it’s true that we plied our friends with beer, and some nibblies too.  Thanks to Rona for helping with that side of it!  The conclusion we’ve come to so far is that we have to find new ways of doing harm to our stalwart floor which as Matt mentioned yesterday doesn’t really show much sign of wear!

Steve Jagger’s idea which he mentions in today’s video is duly noted of course.  But, you’d have to have a lose screw to bring a bunch of chickens to a penthouse suite just to see if their scratchings, peckings, and droppings will ruin a floor you’ve installed outside.




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