Watchuswreckalivestream – sorry folks, we’re fixing it…

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Hey everyone,

Just a point of housekeeping folks, and we’ll return to our regularly scheduled program.   We’ve had some issues with our live stream, with mysterious invisible gremlins crawling all over it.  I put the problem to an online forum, and was given some advice, not before being told that saying ‘my feed is a pain in the ass’ was out of bounds on the thread.  Perhaps it was.  But, it didn’t feel like it at the time.

Luckily, Dan, Dan the IT Man has helped out.  And at the time of this typing, the feed is live.  If it goes down, we’ll tear a strip out of Dan, Dan the IT man.  Well, we won’t.   He’s a great guy. And  he’s getting me a MacBook that hasn’t arrived yet…

Anyway, this is a post of apology folks – we’ve wasted your clicks.  Please do check out the feed, particularly around noonish and mid-afternoon around three-ish when we do our filming.

More video action from Marc and his trained moustache coming soon!



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