Water Features: A Graphic

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Water; it really is the source of life. And we’re mostly made of the stuff! It’s no wonder that the presence of water has a profound effect on us. So do water features when they’re incoporated into spaces.

These kinds of additions tend to bring order to bring a sense of connection to the natural world when we incorporate them into our spaces. Perhaps that’s because in this modern world of ours, we’ve drifted too far away from that connection with our planet! Maybe that’s why water features are used as a way to establish a sense of serenity as well.

Of course, the business of water features is a big area. There are outdoor ones, of course. But, you can have a water feature inside, too. There are big ones, small ones, minimalist ones, one’s that host fish, one’s that host plants, ones that are in-ground, ones that are in containers. The list goes on!

So, to celebrate that varied world of water features, here’s a graphic that outlines the possibilities of what a water feature can bring to nearly any space. Some of these are pretty unusual. But, maybe they will spark your imagination to create a more modest vision of your own.

Take a look!


As mentioned above, some of these are pretty unusual, and not just a little bit over the top as well. But, regardless of the scale of a water feature, that primal connection we have with the elemental (in the truest sense!) appeal of water is the common denominator here no matter how elaborate or simple they may be.

What are your thoughts on water features?

So, what do you figure, everyone?

Have you got a water feature? What’s it like?

Do you use water features to define a space, or to act more as a subtle addition to one?

Why do you think water has such a calmnig effect on us?

Tell me all about it in the comments section!



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