Water-Saving Bathroom Upgrades: An Infographic

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Water is the most important substance on earth.

But, since water is so seemingly plentiful on our planet, we forget that a pretty small percentage of it is actually drinkable – currently 2.5% of the earth’s supply, actually. So in the light of that, let’s talk a bit more about ways to make the most of the water we use in our homes.

To help that conversation along Here is a handy-dandy infographic based on a piece we published earlier that touches on some upgrades you can make in your homes that are water-saving and water-sensitive.

BuildDirect_BathroomWaterSavings_v1 copy


We’ve had a long relationship with water, particularly in accessing it and moving it around the cities and towns where we live. That’s how civilization was (and is!) able to flourish, particularly in the arid areas of the world  that has become known as the founding of civilization in the west. Easy access to water is  a common thing in our lives in the developed world, so it’s easy to take for granted.

But, we shouldn’t.

Water-saving in your home

What plumbing features in your home are designed to help save water?

Which ones are the biggest water hogs?

Are there practices you’ve put into place to help you conserve water?

If so, what were some of the hardest adjustments?

Tell us all about it in the comments section.




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