5 Outdoor Lighting Tips to Light Up An Outdoor Living Space

Spring has sprung! Or, at least it soon will. And to prepare, it’s a good idea to think about your life outdoors, on your deck or patio. Since we have brighter days and warmer nights to look forward to, maybe you’re thinking about those early evening gatherings of friends in your backyard that you enjoyed so much last spring and summer.

One thing that can add to that experience, as the sun slowly sets over the festivities, is the business of practical, and atmospheric outdoor lighting. And since it’s her area of expertise, Emily Widle of Pegasus Lighting talks about five ways to incorporate tasteful outdoor lighting to your space in this guest post …


As the weather starts to warm up and the daylight lingers longer, it will soon be time to enjoy your outdoor living area again.

Whether you have a tiny apartment balcony or a sprawling backyard with a dining area and pool, having great lighting outdoors will really enhance your space.  It simply opens up the area to more possibilities.  You can grill out later in the evening, entertain with a leisurely cocktail party/dinner, or even take a book outside at dusk.

You probably already have a standard wall sconce or built-in area light, but have you thought about using lighting to improve the ambiance?  The tips below will help you revive that patio so you can spend more time in the great outdoors!

1. Outdoor lighting for the grilling area:

Add a task light by the grill and burning the steaks will become a thing of the past.  Barbecue lights are the best for this because they’re flexible and weather-resistant.  You can even find battery-powered ones if you are short of outdoor electrical outlets.

2. Outdoor lighting  for the dining area:

Lighting is a must if you’re planning on enjoying meals outdoors this spring and summer, especially if you are entertaining.  You’ll set the scene for relaxed dinners with friends and family that extend into the evening.

For the outdoor dining table, soft lighting tends to work best.  It creates a cozy, intimate atmosphere even for the most casual of patio furniture sets.  Scatter candles across the table, or consider hanging a candelabra overhead.

Just remember to use bobeches (drip catchers) with any suspended candles.  You don’t want to coat your table with wax!  Lanterns also create a nice effect on an outdoor table.  There are plenty of battery-operated lanterns out there as well if you don’t want to bother with lighting a wick.

Carson Poetzl, Inc. mediterranean patio

3. Outdoor lighting for the steps: Of course, not everyone has a stairway leading up to their outdoor oasis.  If you are one of the lucky ones, show them off!  Illuminating your steps adds a leading line to your deck.  (That’s a photography term, but it works the same way to enhance your landscape!)  LED step lights are the way to go.  They are incredibly energy-efficient, they often have automatic dusk-to-dawn sensors, and they are surprisingly easy to install.  Not to mention you will likely prevent some serious injuries by adding light to your steps.

4. Outdoor lighting for the deck or balcony railings: Outlining your gazebo or railings with string lights or rope lights is a classic option.  It’s a great way to add some pizzazz to your deck before a party – and no one will blame you if you leave them up for the rest of the season.

5. Outdoor lighting for the patio surface: For more of a unique result, try using step lights to line the edges of your patio floor.  It’s an easy weekend project, and you’ll be thrilled with the new look.


Thanks, Emily!

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