Webinar Series Launched For More Efficient Construction Project Management

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Publishers WPL publishing engaged with the construction industry last Thursday with a webinar to provide guidance on lean techniques, identification, measurement, and integrated project delivery principles. The webinar was the first in a series of 4, with the rest of the series held on February 4, 11, and 18.   Register here to join in.

The thrust of the series is that small improvements can mean big competitive advantages in an industry where high efficiencies for lower bids are becoming more and more necessary.   Improving the processes of streamlining labor and other related construction practices at the planning stage can lead to small savings in the short term, but that these small savings can lead to cumulative wins up to 25% gains annually.

The first session focused on productivity identification management, which advised on how to find ROI opportunities and gains.  The second, led by Michael Casten of Construction Concepts, will focus on how to take traditional approaches to construction projects and streamline them for greater returns.  The third session will be themed around the implementation of lean construction, facilitated by James Choo and Roberto Arbulu of Strategic Project Solutions Inc.  Will Lichtig of McDonough, Holland & Allen PC will lead the final discussion that deals with integrated project delivery, which involves a process to include multiple parties working together more efficiently, including owner, operator, designer, and builder.

Each session will include an interactive questions and answers period of 10-15 minutes in order to serve the specific needs of the participants.

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