Weird Tools You Don’t See Every Day


  1. Nail Kicker The modern nail gun is by no means innovative. It does the job of setting nails really well but what happens when you want to retrieve a nail? This more archaic task is typically the job of an old school hammer and brute strength and often damaging to the wood around the nail’s head. The Nail Kicker however is a reverse nail gun – place your sights on the target and pull the trigger. It’s a great way to effortlessly remove nails from lumber while largely preserving the surface for future use.
    Nail Kicker
  2. Halligan Bar Defined by its simplicity, the Halligan Bar is the preferred tool of firemen and rescue workers for all of their prying and demolishing needs. The perfect tool for a manly man. Used for prying open and smashing through doors in the heat of the rescue, this heavy-duty tool is 30 inches of alloy steel or titanium and reminiscent of something you would have seen on an ancient battlefield.
    halligan bar
  3. Pocket Chisel If you forgot your butterfly knife at home, the Pocket Chisel is the next best thing for your next gang fight or home repair. Functionally no different that your trusted chisel, this unique model places a protective casing around the sharp edge of the instrument and allows the user to store it in their pocket without risk of cutting themselves.
    Pocket Chisel


  4. Angled Drill Attachments Homes come in all shapes and sizes so it’s seemingly inevitable that an awkward angle exists somewhere in your future home repairs. Hammering and drilling in tight spaces can be difficult (if not impossible) so it’s nice to know that someone has invented this multi-angle drill attachment that adjusts between 90 and 180 degrees for all of the hard to reach projects.
    Angled Drill Attachment
  5. Pipe Wrench It’s the simplest form of all tools but the sheer size of pipe wrenches makes for a sight to see. While most wrenches for mundane projects are between 6 and 10 inches, these gigantic pipe wrenches are approximately 48 inches and unquestionably a two-handed job.
    Huge pipe wrench
  6. Hydraulic Torque Wrenches When the strength of a full-grown man isn’t quite enough, cue the hydraulic torque wrench. These smart wrenches are fixed in place and calibrated to apply a certain amount of torque to a large bolt that may require more than just manpower – powered by a hydraulic feed, this small machine does big things.
    Hydraulic Torque Wrench
  7. Big Gus True, this chainsaw has probably never cut down a tree since its invention but it’s certainly something you don’t see every day. The World’s Largest Chainsaw, known as  Big Gus in Ishpeming, Michigan, is a 23-foot machine powered by V-8 engines and more machine than ever necessary.
    Big Gus - Chainsaw
  8. Knee Blades If you’ve ever done extensive home repairs, you’ve spent many hours on your knees – laying tile, calking fixtures or even working on your car in the garage – it all adds up. While most would resort to simple kneepads, the inventors of  Knee Blades introduced a more unique solution that allows for comfort and mobility. You don’t see that everyday!
    Knee Blades
  9. Creusot Steam Hammer Though it’s well over 100 years old, the Creusot Steam Hammer in France is still known as the worlds largest. Built in 1877 by Schneider and Co., this steel beast is reminiscent of the Eiffel Tower but capable of delivering 100 tons of thundering downward force. It may not be the most mobile device on the list but it’s certainly far from ordinary.
    Creusot Steam Hammer
  10. Digging Machine In the spirit of weird tools that you don’t see everyday, this behemoth is king of the list – the largest digging machine in the world. Built in Germany, this amazing structure is approximately 2 ½ football fields long and can move more than 76,000 cubic meters of earth in a day. You definitely won’t find anything like it in your toolbox.
    Trencher Digging Machine

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