Welcome, Nan Fischer; Green Building, and Remodeling Blogger

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Joining our regular staff contributors to this blog starting today is established blogger and freelancer Nan Fischer.

This isn’t Nan! But, it’s her current avatar on Twitter, where you should follow her. The picture is actually Sedona; a scenic locale in Nan’s beloved American Southwest.

Nan is a writer, builder, and green expert.  Her passions are in remodeling, green living, and the great outdoors; perfect for this blog, where many of you are interested in the same things. Nan and I have been interacting on Twitter for a while, with me being an admirer of her work on green building, in particular.

I was thrilled to get a chance to work with her, and to let all of you into her perspective on green remodeling, sustainable living, and a myriad of other topics to boot.

You can follow Nan Fischer on Twitter, and of course now you can enjoy her work here, and on the BuildDirect Green Blog, too.

Welcome, Nan!



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