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Let’s answer the most obvious question first; what exactly makes me a credible resource with regards to bamboo products? My 14 years experience in the aerospace industry – a very strict industry when it comes to quality control, for obvious reasons – has taught me the importance of attention to detail. I carry this keen attention to detail with me into the bamboo flooring industry too. I just can’t help myself.

Multiple trips a year to China allow me to work directly with bamboo flooring manufactures, to make sure that our manufacturing process meets the same standards that I would expect as a consumer. I have observed and even participated in the many stages of bamboo flooring production. Only a handful of Westerners like me have had the opportunity to visit the areas I have, so I am fortunate enough to have been able to talk to everyone involved in the process of making bamboo flooring. A lot of people have passed along a lot of knowledge along the way.

I look forward to talking about the industry and sharing my enthusiasm for bamboo with you. I encourage you to ask me any questions you’ve got; my three inquisitive kids teach me about the importance of the “whys”and“hows” everyday!

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Matt Dickinson