Western Red Cedar

This is wonderful species of wood,  easy to work with,  easy to accept staining,  durable and long lasting in whatever job it is used for.  The framing lumber market can go up and down dramatically according to the housing market activity however the Western Red Cedar does not.  Even with the current housing  “crisis” the Cedar has been stable in demand and pricing.  A simple answer to the question “why?”  would be that Cedar has a dedicated following and the uses are many.  From shingles and shakes for roofingexterior siding and decking , fencing, to indoor paneling and decorative finishing in window and door components there is really no end to the end products.  Many of these projects are renovation rather than new build and that is a steadier market.

Hope our website has some useful information and certainly there are the association websites that give much more detail,  the first is the Western Red Cedar Association,   www.wrcla.org and the Cedar Shingle and Shake Bureau  www.cedarbureau.org .

Both sites are a wealth of information,  from helpful hints to installation instructions.  The most often asked question is “why use Cedar?”  and the answer is; stability of the fiber,  durability and decay resistance, reasonably plentiful in supply and is a very good value compared to alternatives.  The bottom line is simply “it is a great wood and looks good.”

Regards, Glen

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