What are direct print bamboo floors?

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Almost one year ago,  one of our procurement guys Matt visited one of our bamboo flooring factories in China.  It surprised him to see that they seemed to be making several varieties of hardwood flooring, including Brazilian Cherry.  Here he is, one of our flooring experts, confounded by a bamboo floor  factory who had evidently decided to make hardwood flooring too, without telling him.  So, he asked them about it.

Oh, how they laughed.

What they were actually making was direct print strand-woven bamboo flooring.  What the heck is that, you ask? Direct print bamboo floors are a type of bamboo flooring that looks like solid hardwood on the boards face. After a bamboo floor board is constructed and milled, a design is printed on the top that can be made to look like any number of exotic or domestic solid hardwood species. This means you get the renowned strength and sustainable benefits of bamboo, with the traditional look and feel of a solid hardwood floor. An ideal way to resolve the advantages and disadvantages of bamboo flooring.

Check out an in depth explanation in the video below, and learn how these bamboo floors fooled our top bamboo flooring expert into thinking it was solid hardwood. Matt also explains the manufacturing process to our co-founder Rob Banks in this video, just after we began offering the product on our site.  Take a look!

For more information, check out our direct print strand-woven bamboo press release. We’re the first building materials firm to offer this product in North America, which is pretty exciting for us.



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