What are the advantages of laminate flooring over those of solid hardwood flooring?

One obvious advantage is that of price; laminate flooring is typically half the cost of traditional hardwood flooring. Sometimes the savings are even greater, depending on the types of flooring in question. Additionally, laminate flooring is designed to be easy to install and is generally a good choice for most do-it-yourselves, where solid hardwood requires a specific level of expertise. Installing laminate doesn’t involve nails, and glue. Laminate flooring can therefore be installed fairly quickly and inexpensively. Laminate flooring is generally designed to be scratch-resistant and fade resistant, two areas where solid hardwood flooring is known to be more vulnerable. Laminate flooring can be installed below grade (on the concrete sub-floor in the basement) where hardwood flooring can not. Also, it is very simple to have few planks of laminate replaced if they get damaged, where hardwood flooring will probably require professional or replacing the larger area in order to match the rest of the floor in the room.

Laminate flooring

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