Home Projects to Celebrate #NationalHobbyMonth


January might be the coldest and darkest month of the year, but it’s also #NationalHobbyMonth. Stay in and create something amazing to add to your creative portfolio without having to leave the warm comfort of your home. Check out these unique ways to apply your crafting skills to every room in your house.

Refresh Your Play Room


When you have kids at home, you need a place to keep their toys contained and out of the way. A playroom is a perfect location, offering a spot for children to play creatively with all their favorite books, games, toys, and dress-ups. It’s especially beneficial to have a designated place for indoor play when it’s cold outside. Add a whiteboard or chalkboard wall to encourage little ones to practice their art and writing skills. You can even set up a simple easel with a chalkboard on one side and a whiteboard on the other for convenience.

Play tents and teepees also offer private spaces for kids to relax and read or play on their tablets. If your kids like to get messy with their art, set up a small tarp in one corner with finger paints and other potentially mess-causing supplies. You can also add a tumbling mat to set a stage for kids to act, dance, or put on plays for their friends.

Create a Warmer Headboard

Wooden Headboard

Warm up your bedroom during the chilly winter months with a refreshed headboard. If you’re on a budget, frame a few doormats to create a unique, textured look. For a rustic appearance, piece several slabs of hardwood together and place them at the top of your bed against the wall. You can take that look to the next level by stringing a few photographs over the top of the headboard or writing a special message on the hardwood. Show off your artistic side and create a portal to dreamland by painting an old door and using it as a headboard.

Build Your Own Wine Rack

Wine Rack

Create a better way to store your wine bottles by building a unique wine rack for your home. You can likely complete this project in a day or two, depending on the size and detail of the rack. Start by deciding whether you want your new rack to be vertical or horizontal, or determine if you want a unique shape that looks more customized. Some of the modular wine rack options available can hold dozens of wine bottles, while the simpler plans will produce racks that can hold up to six bottles.

It’s important to look at your space before you decide, as you don’t want to spend a lot of time and money to build a wine rack that won’t fit in the designated area. If your style is more rustic, make a wine rack out of a wood pallet and add spaces at the bottom that allow for storage of several wine glasses placed upside-down. The upper part of the pallet has a second piece of wood on the front of it to keep the wine bottles firmly in place.

For an eye-catching wine rack that goes on the wall, screw two boards into a piece of wood and drill four holes in the boards. The holes will serve as the holders for the tops of the wine bottles, and the unique shape and design creates a rack that works in both traditional and modern spaces. You can even create a countertop wine rack for less than $20.

Declutter Your Room


During the winter season, you probably aren’t spending a lot of time outdoors. Take advantage of the extra time in your home by going through your extra stuff and decluttering. Getting rid of junk can open up space in your home for all the new projects you’re working on, as well as eliminate some of the stress and anxiety you may feel when you’re looking at an overcrowded storage space.

Trying to tackle and declutter your entire house in one go can feel overwhelming, and you may skip the task completely. Instead, try to spend a few hours per week on the job or set aside a day to work on one specific area. Seeing your progress can help you feel more positive about continuing to organize and declutter. Be sure to get rid of stuff as you go, and take items you plan to donate to a donation collection center or shelter as soon as possible to make more space.

Work on Your Floors

Yanchi Water Resistant Engineered Bamboo / SKU: 15265802

Yanchi Water Resistant Engineered Bamboo / SKU: 15265802

The flooring in a home tends to get overlooked. If your floors are looking a little worse for the wear, now is a great time to upgrade. You may be able to score discounts on last season’s flooring options or take advantage of after-holiday sales. Adding carpeting is a nice upgrade during the chilly months since it warms up the floor beneath your feet. It’s certainly not the only option though – tile and laminate are some of the most popular flooring styles in kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, and living spaces.

During #NationalHobbyMonth, show off your crafty side and improve your house while you’re at it. You can transform your space with a few simple upgrades, creating an all-new look and feel before spring comes around.




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