What has that got to do with the price of gas?!??!

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You may have already started to notice that having things delivered is starting to cost a bit more. Gone are the days of most “Free” pizza deliveries. And if you are reading the papers or watching the news you are no doubt hearing the UN rumblings of food shortages as well as the large projected increases in the prices of food.

So what, you’re thinking, right?  What has that got to do with tiles? What has that got to do with my floor? All of these things are more related than you might think. And generally what it comes down to is the price of fuel. With the retail price for gasoline having risen over 38% in the last 12 months (and no major corrections in sight), costs for delivering both your pizza and your floor are going up.

By the way, for my readers in the US, don’t feel too bad yet, gas around here is hovering around $6.00 per gallon!

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Marc McPherson