What is HOT in laminate flooring

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High-end products remain hot sellers in 2008. Five years ago majority of laminate flooring market share was in 7mm or 8mm products but in last couple years 10mm and 12mm products are taking over. At the end of 2007 BuildDirect introduced 14mm Ac5 rated product (suitable for commercial use) and we are getting great response.

14 mm is manufactured under Toklo brand

This laminate flooring from Toklo is manufactured using exceptionally durable Tropical Hardwood Species:Acacia, Merant, Jeluton, and Kapur. The combination of these species allows for an easy installation, effortless maintenance, and considerable wear and tear. Each board also contains a Moisture Resistant Core Board- below 8% edge swelling, as well as a Water Repellent Locking System. High Dimensional stability and moisture resistant properties make this product the best in the global market.

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Matt Dickinson