What is Your Patio Missing? 7 Essentials To Get Now

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wood pergola patio furniture

Wood arched pergola from BuildDirect.

Patio season is fast approaching! Find out how to make your patio a place you will love to relax and entertain on with these patio ideas.


When the nice weather hits, we all want to sit out on our patio, have family meals, and invite friends over for BBQ’s! If you currently have some old plastic chairs and a cracked table, you need to take a look at some of these ideas and make your patio into a place you will be proud to use and show off.

1. Plenty of seating

If you fall in love with a patio set but it only comes with 4 chairs, with no option to buy more separately, that’s not going to work out for your 6 member family! Find patio sets that give you enough chairs, or look for places that sell a la carte pieces and get as many chairs as you need.

There are plenty of options for patio sets. You could also add a few outdoor day beds, loungers, or other seating that goes with the flow of the décor. This will give you a place to accommodate guests, and offers you a place to stretch out and relax while alone.

patio furniture conversation set Kontiki BuildDirect

Patio furniture; wicker six-piece curved conversation set Kontiki BuildDirect

Be sure that you purchase all weather resistant furniture, with plenty of cushions. Buy a storage box for the corner of your deck to store your cushions, or designate a space inside the house, or shed, for them. Leaving them out in the elements can wear them down fast, and you want them to last for years.

2. Shade

As excited you are to sit out in the sun after a long cold winter, you WILL need some form of shade – an umbrella or tent is ideal. Splurge on the sturdy, nice ones, and fold them up, keep them clean and they will last for years.

gazebo Kontiki brand BuildDirect

St. Lawrence Wicker Post Gazebo with Sunbrella Canopy from BuildDirect.

If you have the room, a gazebo makes an excellent gathering area that provides much needed shade.

3. BBQ

What’s a deck without a BBQ?! There are too many ways to choose a BBQ. That’s a whole separate post right there! But just make sure it fits your area without being too overwhelming, and also has enough grill room to ensure most of your food can be cooked at once.

4. Bar Cart

Even if you don’t plan on serving alcohol a bar cart is a great idea for your patio! These typically come with cooling areas to keep ice frozen, and storage for soda, juice and snacks.

bar cart outdoor living space

Honey Wicker Patio Serving Cart from BuildDirect.

5. A hammock

OK, so this one isn’t a patio essential – but if you have the room I highly recommend adding it! There is nothing like taking an afternoon nap in a hammock, feeling the gentle breeze rocking you gently. Hammocks generally come with hooks you can secure between 2 posts or trees, or you can purchase a free-standing hammock you can put just about anywhere.

6. Water feature

water feature

Venice Multi Pot Outdoor/Indoor Fountain from BuildDirect.

Alright, so I threw in another non-patio essential – but a water feature provides an extra special touch to your yard. The water adds a tranquil feel, and can be a conversation starter.

If you have extra room in your yard, a small pond with a rock wall is nice, and not too hard to maintain, but a small fountain in the corner of the patio works well too.

7. Lighting

After the sun goes down the party doesn’t have to stop – unless you don’t have adequate lighting! Buy some funky lanterns to hang up around your deck. You can get the sturdy kind that take candles for a more rustic look, or if you have an outdoor power source nearby get some electric ones.

Strings of light add a nice touch to an outdoor area, especially around trees. These light strings don’t tend to give off too much light however, and are more of a decorative touch – or for those romantic nights on the patio!

Love your patio

What changes do you plan on making this year to start really loving your patio? Share your ideas with us in the comments!

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