What Scares You About DIY?: Changes Can Be Scary

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Change can be scary. But annoyingly, according to those who submitted their fears in our What Scares You? campaign, so is the prospect of no change at all! Here are some examples of what we encountered in talking with those who shared their DIY fear with us yesterday.


Rachel’s fear was that no change would be made at all to what she considers to be out-of-date floors. She embraced the idea of a transformed space, but worried that the reality would never materialize. We empathized, and made a few suggestions as to how to affect a positive change.


Michelle knew that things had to change. But, one thing was keeping her from moving forward; installing hardwood on the stairs. Often it is these very things that keep us from our vision of a transformed space, and from making the changes we want to make. So, here’s what we told her.


Debbie worried that a applying a backsplash to her kitchen wall, a surface that would affect all kinds of positive change there, would result in something that did not look professional. How common a fear is that? Well, pretty common! We did our best to reasssure Debbie of that.


For Monicka, she knew that her bathroom was crying out for change! And it would be new tile that would get her there. The project seemed too daunting to her at first. But, there are options for her to consider!


Kathy feared that the change she wanted to affect in her home was simply too big for her and her husband to manage. It was the classic “what if I bite off more than I can chew?” scenario. We could relate, and told her so, with a few suggestions on how to break the deadlock.


Cindi feared change too, specifically about colors and how they might not look the same installed as they did in pictures or on the Internet. We attempted to address her fears with this video, addressed personally to her.


Lola bought some mosaic tile from us. But, she was at a bit of a loss as to how to get started on her project. We thanked her,  reminded her that she’s not alone, even after her purchase.


Candace had picked out flooring for her space. But she worried that they wouldn’t  complement her surrounding decor (although with their light color, it would be much easier to find their elusive black cat, Cinder …).  It’s understandable – about the floors, and the cat. Here’s what we said to her.


Giovanna worried about a lack of change too. In her case, it was her carpets which had seen a bit too much action for her comfort, particularly when inviting others over to her house. But, all is not lost!


Lexie has a great idea for a flooring change – stained concrete. But, she worried about the results. She also worried about not being able to afford the flooring she wanted. We addressed both of these fears here.

Change or no change?

Change is scary, and so is keeping things the same when it comes to transformation of spaces. That’s kind of a catch-22, we know. And for those who shared their DIY fears with us so far, both of those figured into some pretty common home improvement woes. But, at least the start of the answer began with voicing those fears of change out loud. In identifying them, the first steps were taken to solving them, too.

So, how about you? What do you fear when it comes to making changes, or any other aspect of home improvement. Share it with us here, and maybe our personalized video message will be just the thing to get you out of a rut.



what scares you banner oct 2014

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