What’s Your Outdoor Patio Personality?

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An outdoor patio is far more than just a place to kick up your feet and spend time outdoors. It’s an incredibly versatile living space that serves a wide variety of functions, from socializing with friends to cooking delicious meals for the entire family.

As an extension to your home, your patio deserves to have your signature style, similar to how you’ve personalized up your indoor living spaces. Whether you’re getting ready to install new patio flooring or you’re actively looking for outdoor patio furniture, you no doubt want to make the right decision to suit your individual style and personality.

Not sure what your outdoor patio personality is? Don’t worry! BuildDirect has you covered. Below, we’ll outline a few of the most popular patio personalities to help you find the one that perfectly describes your ideal outdoor living space:

The Contemporary Minimalist


Are you a fan of clean lines and neutral colors such as gray, white, and black? Do you love state-of-the-art technology and sleek furnishing? If so, you may lean toward a contemporary patio style.

While many contemporary patios often feature crisp silhouettes and minimalistic elements, don’t write this style off as too boring just yet. When combined with luxe furniture and sleek patio flooring, you can instantly add intrigue to any contemporary patio.

modern outdoor patio furniture set

  • Sophisticated Gas Fireplaces—An elevated gas fireplace with flames dancing on shiny, fire glass is the perfect addition to a contemporary outdoor living space. Just keep in mind that a fire glass fireplace isn’t usually for roasting marshmallows or weenies with the kids. Instead, many choose this type of fire pit for its stunning beauty, efficient heating abilities, and eco-friendly nature.   
  • Wood-Grain Look Flooring—There are many types of outdoor flooring that suit the contemporary look, but one of the stand-out choices has to be wood-look tile flooring. Once strictly used for indoor flooring, wood-grain porcelain tile is now a common choice of patio flooring for contemporary homeowners everywhere, thanks to its attractive design and extreme durability. To play up the contemporary vibe, stick with sleek grays and blacks over traditional brown wood.
  • Sleek Conversational Sets—The best thing about contemporary style is that it’s always in vogue, which means that you’ll have no trouble finding contemporary patio furniture that fits in with your clean lines and minimalistic design. Look for conversational sets with neutral cushions and a sleek design to instantly elevate your outdoor living space.

The Modernist


Maybe you are obsessed with mid-century modern furniture. Perhaps you find yourself drawn to bright colors that are often associated with a bohemian style (think turquoise and marigold). Either way, one thing is certain—you never sacrifice comfort for character and style.

Unlike contemporary style, modern style refers to eras which have already passed. Although these eras have come and gone, many of them are still trendy today (i.e., mid-century modern). Here are a few patio features that may speak to your modern personality:

  • Brick Flooring—Although modern styles can differ dramatically, brick flooring appeals to many who favor a mod style because it provides an old-world charm to your outdoor living space. Appealing to your practical side, it’s also low-maintenance and relatively slip-resistant. You don’t need to go for red brick, either. There are now plenty of different brick styles that may appeal to your modern sense of style, from Charleston Gray to beige brick.
  • Tile Flooring—Porcelain tile also make excellent patio flooring choices for lovers of modern style due to their durability and versatility. If you love the idea of a bohemian-style patio, porcelain tile can give your outdoor space an earthy natural look. Going for an art deco vibe? Choose a dark tile that will make your brighter pieces pop against your elegant flooring.
  • Colorful Patio Furnishings—Don’t be afraid to embrace bold colors and patterns with your modern patio furniture. One way to give your outdoor living space some character is by creating a unique color palette that suits your personality. For example, red, lime green, and beige can all work together beautifully in your mid-century modern patio décor.


The Entertainer


As an Entertainer, you enjoy hosting regular get-togethers with friends and cooking them delicious meals. In this case, a patio designed for entertainment purposes will be right up your alley. If you have this outdoor patio personality, here are the must-have features for your outdoor living space:

  • Shelter—Nothing can stop your guests from having a good time, especially not the weather. With a patio awning or gazebo, everyone can take cover from the elements without halting the party.
  • Fireplace—Consider outfitting your patio with a stylish outdoor fireplace. Just you’re your awning, an outdoor fireplace can help keep your guests comfortable on temperamental spring days and chilly fall nights. Modern fireplaces come in a variety of types, such as gas log, wood-burning, portable, and electric-powered.
  • Kitchen Setup—If you love nothing more than cooking up a five-course meal for your friends, setting up an outdoor kitchen is a smart move. With a fancy outdoor kitchen, you no longer need to disappear into the house for hours and miss out on all the juicy conversation.
  • Functional Furniture—To make your guests as comfortable as possible, your décor and furniture should be chosen with functionality and convenience in mind. For example, an ottoman that doubles as storage can help reduce clutter that can get in the way of heavy-traffic areas.
  • Large Patio Area—You’re going to need a large patio area to make room for your kitchen setup, furniture, fireplace, and all your guests. With so much traffic going on, consider patio flooring that is durable enough to take a heavy beating and that’s easy to maintain, such as composite deck tiles.

large furnished outdoor patio and grill

The Meditator


Contrary to the mindset of an entertainer, you’d prefer your outdoor patio space to be tranquil—your own private oasis if you will. After a long day at work, you can retreat to your hanging rattan chair and listen to the sound of running water coming from your pond or fountain.

In this case, you need patio features that allow you to achieve an ultimate zen state. Here are some options to consider:

  • Fountains and Ponds—It’s been scientifically proven that simply being near water can make us feel calmer, according to Science Direct. If you want to transform your outdoor patio into a calming retreat, consider installing fountains and/or a pond nearby. You may find that just the sound of trickling water can make you less anxious.
  • Travertine Flooring—Travertine flooring comes in a variety of earthy hues, such as brown and beige. Stylish and durable, this unique limestone flooring offers a true sense of natural beauty to your outdoor patio.
  • Lounge Chairs—If you have a pool or simply enjoy sunbathing, lounge chairs are never a bad decision. You can splurge on a high-end model for yourself or purchase a few in case family comes to visit.


The Nurturer


If the interior design of your home takes a page from Joanna Gaines’s style, then your patio personality could be the nurturing type. The Nurturer wants everyone to have a fantastic time in their home and backyard: friends, family, kids, and pets.

To ensure that everyone is well-cared for, you aren’t a big fan of contemporary styles with sharp lines and potential hazards. Instead, you probably prefer a big lawn and a slip-resistant patio flooring that can handle heavy foot traffic.

  • Cozy, Yet Durable Flooring—Composite and traditional wood decking check off every box for the Nurturer. In addition to being incredibly durable and scratch-resistant, composite decking is also low-maintenance and can provide a homey/rustic feel.
  • Wide, Open Spaces—A big lawn and patio give room for adults, kids, and pets to run around and have fun. Your ideal landscaping includes low maintenance plants (think hydrangea and peonies) and paved pathways where the kids can ride bicycles or play with chalk.
  • Easy-to-Maintain Furniture—Patio furniture that’s a breeze to clean is a top priority when you have kids and pets. Seek out patio furniture in darker hues, such as navy and dark green, to make dirt less noticeable.

The Green Thumb


For many homeowners, spending hours each day caring for high-maintenance plants doesn’t sound like fun, but to the Green Thumb the challenge of an intricate landscape and specialized shrubbery is exactly what provides them with so much pleasure.

patio surrounded by greenery

If this resonates with you, consider investing in a patio style that allows you to show off your horticultural chops. Here are a few of the defining hallmarks of a Green Thumb patio personality:

  • Small, but Lush Patio Retreat—With so much space being occupied by lush foliage, your patio area will likely be on the smaller side. Take advantage of the small space with patio flooring that makes a statement, such as stone-look porcelain tile.
  • Big, Chunky Furniture—When your patio is surrounded by oversize greenery, it doesn’t make sense to try for a minimalist style. Instead, go big with bold and chunky furniture to complement your larger-than-life foliage.
  • Container Gardens—Living in a small home or apartment? Free up space and time with container gardening. Container gardens can be artfully designed for small spaces and are also portable, making them easy to arrange as needed.

The Eternal Vacationer


Who wouldn’t want their patio to remind them of their favorite vacation? The Eternal Vacationer is drawn to all things lush and tropical, from their Bali-inspired rattan chair to overgrown foliage. They want to be transported to their ultimate beach vacation spot each time they set foot on their patio.

  • Tropical Patio Flooring—When designing the ultimate tropical patio oasis, you’ve got plenty of outdoor flooring options that can help you set the mood. Natural stone tile like slate offers several benefits for homeowners. In addition to its stunning beauty and tropical vibes, it is also durable, sustainable, and comes in many different colors and styles.
  • Relaxing, Pool-Side Furniture—For the Eternal Vacationer, hammocks and lounge chairs are must-haves. Both types of patio furniture will allow you to put up your feet, soak up the sun, and help you unwind after a long day at work.
  • Built-In Bar—An outdoor bar is a must-have for Eternal Vacationers and Entertainers. Not only do outdoor bars help you keep the party exclusively outside, they’re also ideal for times when you just want to make yourself a fun drink and imagine that you’re on a private island, thousands of miles away from home.

patio furniture in lush trees

The Savvy Saver


As a practical homeowner deeply concerned with your city’s high cost of living, you’re careful with how you invest your money. You want a patio that’s not only attractive but also low-maintenance and low-cost.

Although you may be attempting to design a patio on a budget, it doesn’t need to look the part. In fact, there are plenty of ways to punch up a patio in a practical manner.

  • Pavers—Creating a walkway with rubber or stone pavers is a stylish and affordable way to enhance the appearance of your backyard. Consider framing your walkway with plants from the sale rack at your local box store for an easy DIY project that won’t break the bank.
  • Bistro Set—An attractive bistro set is perfectly suited for small spaces and can make one feel as though a waiter is about to rush over with lemon water at any given moment. If you don’t plan on hosting large parties, they’re a great option for singles and couples who want their own private sanctuary.
  • Low-Maintenance Plants—Maybe you have a green thumb, or maybe you don’t. It doesn’t matter; you probably don’t want to invest your money in keeping high-maintenance plants alive.
  • Weather-Resistant Furnishings—While design is important to you, function and performance rule. Weather-resistant furnishings and accessories (think umbrellas, heavy chairs, and robust lighting) are a must if you live in an area that experiences extreme weather.

backyard furniture set on wooden deck

Creating the Perfect Patio Oasis to Suit Your Style


While these outdoor patio personalities are common enough, not everyone’s unique style will fit into a neat box. For example, you may find yourself equal parts Eternal Vacationer and Entertainer. If you find yourself stuck between two different patio styles, it’s perfectly acceptable to blend them however you want for a unique look that’s all your own.

Be sure to consult with industry experts first to ensure that you’re making a solid choice for your outdoor patio. BuildDirect is always here to help you with your flooring considerations, so don’t hesitate to reach out!

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