Which Couch Best Suits Your Personality?

blue sofa living room

Which sofa should you have in your living room, according to your personality? Here are a few starting points to consider.


A couch; it tells a lot about you. It’s one of the main furniture pieces in your home, along with your bed and your kitchen table, probably. It’s important to choose a couch that you love, but almost just as important is one that reflects your personality.

Take this post with a little grain of salt (I’m no psychologist!) and let’s have a look at the best personality-couch matches.

The gracious host

You bake cookies every time you have a friend over–even when you don’t. You prepare fresh lemonade for kids’ parties. You always have fresh flowers in the dining room and the living room, and somehow your home always smells of cinnamon. You’re always giving directions to strangers or involved in charity work or volunteering.

Your sofa is: the sectional

Rustic Family Room by Happy Valley General Contractors Westlake Development Group, LLc

Your home is a haven of comfort. People like to come over just to bask in the wonderful feeling of your generosity. You are deeply loved by everyone you know!

The fashionista

You are always impeccably dressed in the latest trend. You may or may not have a purse dog that you carry around everywhere. You like your lattes with non-fat-soy and no-calorie-sweetener. People always compliment you on your sense of style–and you wouldn’t be caught dead with unmatched purse and shoes.

Your sofa is: the white sofa

Contemporary Family Room by San Francisco General Contractors Design Line Construction, Inc.

You’ve probably soaked it in Scotch Guard so that your favorite red wine won’t stain it. But you know how to host a great party and are always happy to help friends shop for new clothes. Makeovers are your favorite thing!

The starving artist

You think the internet is the greatest thing ever–even better than sliced bread–because you can practice and display your art there. Not that it’s getting picked up by anyone. But one day. You like to hack things (computers, phones, life in general) and you hope that one day you might be able to hack that student loan too. You have strong opinions that you share widely on social media. You like a good craft beer, but not the super expensive kind. Oh well, I guess you’ll have to go with ramen tonight.

Your sofa is: the cheap flat-packed

Eclectic Living Room

Without naming the famous Scandinavian brand, you know what I’m talking about. Your couch came in a box and your cushions in vacuum bags. You switch the cushions over if there’s a stain–who will know, right?

The British (or Britophile)

You prefer whisky to beer and your walls proudly display posters of obscure British bands. You play your music on vinyl and only watch TV for Doctor Who. You have an accent, fake or real, that people interpret as sophisticated and educated. Of course, your shoes are always hand-shined and your umbrella always at hand.

Your sofa: the Chesterfield

Transitional Living Room by Dallas Interior Designers & Decorators BR Interior Designs

There’s always a cool happening at your place, and you handle every guest with dignity and politeness. Your home displays an old-world charm that’s welcoming and not stuffy at all. Tally ho!

The student/thrifty traveler

You’ve never owned a piece of furniture in your life, until you have to move out of your parents’ for college. Your aunt offered to help, and here you are at least with somewhere to sit/crash after a night of studying (or partying). You’ve been to 15 different countries and planning on 3 more this summer. Your boots are always dirty, and you always carry a rain shell, just in case.

Your sofa: the hand-me-down

Your mom or someone else gave you this sofa. It’s lumpy, it’s old, you can feel the springs in your back when you nap on it, but at least you have one. And if you’re traveling, who cares? You’ll still find it awfully comfy when you come home.

The young professional

You’re climbing the ladder of your chosen profession, and you want to make an impression. You like to display your taste in matters of décor and you enjoy having people for cocktails or a late-night working session. You get your produce at the farmer’s market, your meat at the butcher’s, and your coffee at the tiny artisanal roaster around the corner. It might cost $6, but at least it has a suitably exotic name.

Your sofa: the statement sofa

Eclectic Living Room

You want to be noticed, and your living room does just that. Nobody will be able to ignore your sense of style!

Is this you?

All right, this is just a little bit of fun. It may or may not be accurate. What do you think? Please don’t scream at me in the comments! It’s almost Christmas!

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