White is the New Black: Decorating With White

I have always considered myself a fashionable homeowner. I love the newest trends and incorporate color every chance I get. My once beige-turned-blue-turned-grey-turned-yellow living room is really ready for an overhaul and I have been narrowing down the choices for paint and fabric colors. Surprisingly, to me at least, my eye has not been drawn to the bold, bright colors that I normally go for in accent pieces, but to a more stark hue – white.

In my world, white is the new black.

Practical realities decorating with white

Let me start by saying that I have children and realize that, probably like you, small kids can make big messes. White has never before been a consideration, because I have no desire to bleach slipcovers and clean my carpets every 20 minutes. That being said, I have figured out a way to bring this refreshing shade into my living room without having to hire a full-time maid.

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Why White?

You may be wondering why a mom would even want white in any design aspect of her living room. Think about it. White is the essence of clean. It is crisp, soothing, and speaks to possibilities. It is like a blank canvas just waiting for inspiration. White is the color of clouds and dreams, and it seems unfair to have to wait until the kids have grown and are out of the house before using it in the living room’s design. After all, now is the time to dream and to give the room that fresh, crisp look that will encourage creativity.

Using white: how-to accessorize

Adding white into the room’s design is not as hard as it may seem. Instead of doing a drastic fabric change in the room, I decided to keep my navy blue slipcover and add white accents to the remaining fabric pieces. The dark, heavy curtains were replaced with white, airy ones that instantly opened up the space and made the living room look larger than it is.

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The throw pillows in deep red were recovered with a heavy and durable white slipcover that can take many a washing. Candles in the metal sconces were replaced with white pillar candles and the area rug was switched out for one that has a white, curving design running through it.

White Walls

Covering the walls with white was also another big step. I installed white bead board paneling on the lower half of the wall and painted the top half white, as well. I snuck in some color with canvas prints I had made from a recent family photo shoot, but otherwise the walls are refreshingly clean and white. I paneled the bottom half of the wall, because bead board paneling is a lot easier to wipe clean than most paints – especially with kids in the house.

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White is the new go-to color for decorating when a fresh, inspired look is sought after. It is not everyday that a designer abandons color for the most part, but after living in a white world with just splashes of color infused, I must say that it has been a change for the better. White has given us a clean, crisp space that makes us feel as though anything is possible.

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