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Having answered numerous questions over the holiday season with regards to “Nail Gun” settings, I thought this topic was as good as any to kick off the “New and Improved Bamboo Blog”!!!

A specialized nail gun is not needed when installing a solid bamboo floor; a traditional pneumatic nail gun(with a slight adjustment) will do the job. Because bamboo floors are typically thinner than a traditional Oak or Maple floors (5/8″ verse 3/4″) it is important to adjust the nail gun to the height of the floor. This is easily done by adhering a 1/8″ shim to the bottom of the nail gun; a scrap piece of linoleum will do the trick. Not adjusting the nail guns hieght can cause the tongue of the product to split resulting in floor joints that are not smooth and flush.

Please feel free to visit our bamboo flooring installation instructions for further info.

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