Why You Should Add Wood-Look Tiles to Your Bathroom

Add a touch of elegance to your space with the Rio Wood Series. SKU: 15221429

You’ve got tons of options when it comes to flooring in your bathroom. If you love the look of natural wood, wood-look tiles are a durable, cost-effective alternative.

High-quality materials like porcelain and ceramic aren’t a compromise, either. In fact, they offer a variety of benefits than you won’t get from natural wood.

Use this guide to learn more about why you should add wood-look tiles to your bathroom.

Wood-Look Tiles are Very Durable

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Bathrooms are wet spaces where spills are the norm. Powder rooms are high-traffic areas where leaks can happen in an instant. Wood-look tiles made from materials like porcelain and ceramic are strong enough to resist water and foot-traffic.

Damaged tiles are also easy relatively easy to replace without pulling up your whole floor too. Aim to buy about 10% more tile than you need for your project so you’ve got extra for repairs later. Having extra tile also ensures a smooth installation since even the best pros can damage a tile or two when cutting it or putting it in place.

Wood-Look Tiles Come in Tons of Colors and Textures

Natural wood has a lot of variation, but if you’re looking for unique colors and textures, few materials can match tile. Available in a range of different colors and textures, you can even use wood-look tile to give your bathroom a border or special patterned layout.

Wood-look tiles also come in a range of different sizes. Unlike wood, which is sold in plank form, you can buy wood-look tiles that have a traditional plank look or in squares. That makes them extra-versatile when you’re planning your bathroom design.

Wood-Look Tiles are Less Expensive Than Wood

Wood flooring can cost a small fortune. You can get the look without breaking the bank by using wood-like tiles instead. Add in the extra strength and wood-look tiles start to look like a truly exceptional value.

Not sure how the cost of wood would compare to wood-look tile in your space? Reach out to one of our BuildDirect Pros today to discuss your project. Our pros can help you budget for a bathroom remodel with natural wood or cost-effective wood-look tiles.

Wood-Look Tiles Can Be Installed on Floors and Walls

Give your space a uniquely refined look by utilizing wood-look tiles on your floors and walls. Easy-to-install on both surfaces, you can use the same wood-look tiles or choose a mixture of designs to give your bathroom a high-contrast modern look. Wood-look tiles can also be cut to size to create a chair rail molding for your bathroom.

Waterproof wood-look tiles can even be installed in your shower surround to help you create a cohesive, designer-inspired look in your bathroom.

Wood-Look Tile Options

You’ve probably seen wood-look tile in a friend or family member’s home. Maybe you’ve even seen it in a more commercial space like a hotel. Most people don’t really know how to start shopping for wood-look tile or what options they have for their bathroom.

In the bathroom, porcelain and ceramic wood-look tiles are king. Let’s compare these popular materials and see how they stack up for bathroom installation.

Porcelain Wood-Look Tile

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A smart choice for bathrooms, porcelain is durable and designed to last. Here are a few benefits of installing porcelain wood-look tile in your bathroom:

•   Porcelain tile is tough and wear-resistant. High foot traffic powder rooms and family bathrooms are no match for the strength of porcelain tile.

•   Porcelain tile is essentially waterproof. Unlike wood flooring, porcelain won’t absorb water from spills and drips. That makes it a great choice for those areas around your sink, shower and bathtub.

•   You can use wood-look porcelain tile in your shower. It’s a popular pick for shower floors and walls since it can stand up to water without showing signs of wear. Slip-resistant styles are available too.

Ceramic Wood-Look Tile

Add a touch of elegance to your space with the Rio Wood Series. SKU: 15221428

Another popular wood-look tile option, ceramic has a variety of benefits when installed in a bathroom. Here are a few reasons to consider ceramic wood-look tile for your bathroom:

•   Ceramic is softer than porcelain. That makes it easy to cut and lay in place. This is especially useful if you’re doing the installation yourself.

•   Ceramic tiles are more affordable than porcelain. You’ll save a little money up-front by installing porcelain over ceramic.

•   Ceramic tile is water-resistant. While it isn’t waterproof like porcelain, it offers ample protection for flooring in powder rooms and bathrooms. However, ceramic tile shouldn’t be used in showers.

•   It’s the best option if porcelain doesn’t meet your needs or fit your budget.

Get Your Wood-Look Tiles From BuildDirect

Wood-look tiles are durable, designed to last and available in a wide range of sizes, colors and textures. Materials like porcelain tile provide water protection you could never get with natural wood, either.

Ready to find the right porcelain or ceramic wood-like tile for your bathroom? Reach out to one of our BuildDirect Pros today to learn more about these marvelous materials. We can help you figure out how much tile you’ll need for your project and send free samples directly to your home.

Start your bathroom renovation today with wood-look tiles from BuildDirect.

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