Wild About Stripes: Interior Design Using Stripes Stylishly

I love incorporating stripes into any space!  Whether large or small, on a wall, ceiling, or pillow, a striped pattern can add drama and visual intrigue to any decor style.  They also pair well with patterned or floral designs and can be as subtle or bold as you prefer.

Wide Stripes

Wide stripes with contrasting colors makes for a dramatic and fluid-like space. Whether using bold stripes in a living room or in a transitional space, such as a hallway, they enliven the overall aesthetic. When using black-and-white stripes or chocolate-and-white stripes, as seen in the images below, let them be “the life of the party”.

Every room needs a spotlight or showcase piece, and when incorporating bold wide stripes, they are the focal point.  In each of these rooms, artwork and  accessories are kept to a minimum, so the stripes can be the conversational element.  Use less busy elements when designing with stripes that are bold, so they stand apart and tell their story.

Varying Stripes

Varying sized stripes and in varying colors on any wall or surface makes for an interesting and engaging interior space.  In each of these bedrooms, the stripes are different widths and are strategically laid out so the result is visually appealing.  When using multiple colors in a striped pattern, it’s important to chose hues that are similar or in the same color family.

Choosing colors that clash or that are all dark or all light, may result in a big mistake.  In the image below with the horizontal stripes, the deep pink color is the least wide stripe, but it’s also the strongest hue, so it doesn’t overpower the other colors.  On the other hand, the green and blue stripes are wider, but their color saturation is alot less intense, all resulting in a balanced composition.

Using Stripes as Accents

Stripes don’t always have to dominate a room.  They can be used in a more subtle way that still delivers a striking response.  Whether on a chair, pillow, rug, or vase, stripes can still make a statement and complement other textures and patterns in the space.

The wide black-and-white striped chair at the end of this dining table is a beautiful complement to the smaller, linen side chairs and the crisp white walls, all grounded by the dark wood floor.  In the image below, the striped patchwork style rug is the statement for this room, while the furniture and walls are more understated.

Stripes on the Ceiling?

Yes, stripes on a ceiling – interesting concept, right?  Painting the ceiling anything other than white, always makes for a great room.  Whether it be a fun pattern, bold color, or wide stripe, introducing an element on the ceiling is unique and unexpected.  This crisp, white ordinary bathroom was brought to a new level by adding wide turquoise stripes.  And a typical coral bedroom was livened up with wide coral-and-white stripes on the ceiling – that’s quite a wake up call!

(Pinned by Jenna via Pinterest)

Stripes Don’t Always Have to be Straight

Stripes are innately fun!  They add depth and intrigue to a possible “typical” room.  This hallway combines stripes and a zig-zag pattern, also known as chevron, to create an interesting hallway to get from point A to point B.  Additionally, the turquoise hue adds a splash of fun and excitement.

Tutorial for Creating Stripes

Stripes can be tricky to create, so if you are looking for a tutorial on painting stripes in your home, check out {this} How-To.

Are you wild about stripes?  Have you incorporated stripes into your decor?

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