Will Our Laminate Flooring Survive?

Reading Time: 1 minute

Today, we thought we’d get an expert opinion on our floor choice  – Toklo 12mm laminate flooring. So, we asked one of our laminate department guys, Fil,  to talk briefly about what he thinks the chances the flooring has of survival. Take a look:

Fil is an optimistic, upbeat kind of guy.  He seems fairly certain that the flooring will stand up to unreasonable punishment.  But, really this only spurs us on to try to prove him wrong.

Meanwhile, our shipment of flooring is still winging its way to us. When it gets here, we’ll show you each step as we proceed with our plan.  And we’ll contrast that with how a laminate flooring buyer and installer who is not insane would initially receive and prepare the materials for installation. Note that this is good quality laminate and not cheap laminate flooring.

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