Window Decoration: Wooden Blinds or Curtains?

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Window coverings like traditional curtains, and wood blinds have their pros and cons. To address the comparison between the two, writer Georgina Jace weighs in.


When you are looking to redecorate your windows with the latest in home decor in mind, there are many options to consider. Many questions will pop up in the minds of homeowners when it comes to settling on one. One such question is whether you should opt for wooden blinds or curtains for your home decor.

Curtains have been a go-to window decoration for many decades now. Wooden blinds are among the more recent trends in interior decor. Both of them have many advantages. While some of your friends will prefer the wooden blinds others will suggest curtains can provide equal effects. So, here are some tips which will help you make the best choice for your window decoration.

Window decoration and your health

Health is an important aspect of your decision, along with the aesthetic aspects for any home’s decoration. When you decide on a window decoration option you should keep in mind the health concerns of the people living in the house. Dust allergies and respiratory conditions are common problems. Curtains made with heavy cloth tend to accumulate more dust and dirt, and require frequent cleaning.

On the other hand, the unique design of wood blinds helps in less dust accumulation and they are easy to clean. Choosing them will help to protect those with dust allergies.

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Window decoration and practicality

When you think about buying wooden blinds, your first consideration has to be whether the blind is practical for a particular window. Wooden blinds block light from outside sources and ensuring privacy without the use of heavy, or dark material that may not suit your decor.

They are best applicable for bedroom and living room windows, or places that require a complete blockage of daylight, like in a space where televisions or computer screens are commonly used. Such blinds will completely block outside light and make the rooms more conducive for a good night’s sleep in bedrooms. This is the reason wooden blinds are also preferred choices in nurseries, as well.  For  kitchens where a lot of light more welcome, light curtains may work more effectively to filter light, rather than block it completely.

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Wooden blinds and maintenance

As most households are defined by busy daily work schedules, maintenance becomes a key consideration whichever window decoration you choose. As mentioned before traditional curtains tend to get dirty fairly quickly and their cleaning process can be time-consuming. But wooden blinds can be  easily and efficiently cleaned using a soft piece of cloth.

Wooden blinds are also not always ideal for bathrooms with its moist environment. Wood can be vulnerable when exposed to moisture.  If you live in a damp area where mildew is an issue then the wooden blinds not treated with moisture sealant can take away from the effect you want. Yet, wood blinds can be incorporated in spaces like this if maintenance is a priority on a regular basis.

Investing in wood blinds can be costly, more costly than light curtains. Although you may get low priced window curtains to serve in the short term,  wooden blinds can serve for many years. Thus they can be economic options for homeowners.

These are some factors that will help you make a choice between traditional curtains and wooden blinds.


Georgina Jace is associated with various blinds related companies as their freelance and staff writer. She has been linked with some of the best web media companies and offers a large collection of blinds. She excels in writing articles related to blinds, wooden blinds, vertical blinds, window blinds, roller blinds etc.

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