Window Seats

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Windows seats can be a great addition to your home, provided you have the time and the space to incorporate one. You can either have one built and installed or install a window seat yourself.

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Cabinetmakers and other tradespeople have been making window seats since the 18th century. Constructed as a miniature sofa without a back, these are intended to fill the recess of a window. Originating in the 18th century, when tall narrow windows were in almost every home, window seats were popular. They were decorated in a number of different means and stood as high from the floor as a chair.

The seats and ends were usually upholstered in rich fabrics while the legs followed the fashion in chairs and were square and tapered or round and reeded.

Window seats in your home

Window seats can be installed in any room in the home and can be the perfect place to relax, read, drink a cup of tea or watch the kids play in the garden. Some materials that can be used include a miniature sofa, pillows, cushions, and even small mattresses. The ledge for the window seat should be wide enough to accommodate a seat or you can choose to add miniature sofas to create the dreamy seat you have been thinking about.

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Window seats also allow you to extend the comfortable seating places in your home. Different decorative styles and shapes can enhance the comfort level and look of a window.

Look and feel for your window seats

Roman shades mounted above your window seat are an attractive and functional design idea for a window treatment. Such shades have built-in blackout lining provide privacy at night. They fold up just enough to allow light into your window seat during the day. For your shade, consider a bold and bright toile or cotton twill. Accessorize a simple twill with a bright ribbon down either side of the curtain.

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Velvet curtains are another material that can be used and are cozy and soft, perfect a window seat where you may want to take afternoon naps. Velvet comes in many colors, so you can match a set of curtains to your existing decor.

Valances can also be used around a window seat and allow for the most amount of light. They start at the ceiling line and hang down a few feet, letting in a lot of light. Valances require little material and are simple to make yourself. These too can be made to match existing decor in your home. Valances are also easy to wash.

Stained glass windows and window seats

If you want to invest more money into you window seat, Stained glass windows can also be used. Use your favorite color and pattern. The glass should coordinate with colors and patterns for the rest of your home. For more privacy under your window seat, go for a darker shade of glass.

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Window seats allow you to fully enjoy the natural light that is so life-affirming in your space, while also allowing you to make the best use of your space. Whatever your stylistic choices, for pure function, window seats are worth it.

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