Winter Landscaping Ideas

Winter garden backyardDesigning a great landscape at any time of year can be challenging, and winter is no exception. The weather may be dreary but you can still create a great winter landscape that will welcome spring when it comes.

Here are some of the things you can include in your winter landscape to keep the outside of your home looking inviting and friendly.


Evergreens are an ideal choice for the winter landscape because they keep the color and their leaves. Evergreens don’t succumb to winter conditions the way a sugar maple tree would simply because of how each species handles the changes in weather.

Apple and Berry Trees

Apple and berry trees are another good winter landscape choice. As a result of being a harvest tree in the fall, apples trees stay vibrant during the winter. If treated right, they also produce a great fruit that you can enjoy at other times of the year.

Winter Apple

Berry trees are a good choice for seasonal landscaping because they produce during the winter. They also feed winter birds and other animals. The holly produces berries and can double as a Christmas decoration.


Poinsettias are a great decoration at Christmas. They add color and Christmas cheer and come in red, pink, and white during the holiday season.


photo: bobistraveling

Planting Vegetables

While this may sound odd, planting vegetables in the winter months can be done and can enhance the landscape. This will allow Mother Nature to do her thing in nurturing the seeds for a good crop in early spring. The best time to plant broccoli, cauliflower, and beetroot is right before the first frost or freeze.

Winter vegetables

Photo: liz west

With some effort, your winter landscape can bring you and your home happiness and color. These items should provide you with the right spark to get through to the springtime and start the cycle of the seasons again.

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