Wood and laminate flooring means greater accesibility

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There are tons of home makeover shows, it seems.  And I think the real appeal of them, apart from the whole attraction of transforming something ordinary into something extraordinary, is the idea that a new home means a new life.  Stories like this take on extra poignancy when it sheds light on those who volunteer time and resources to help create this new life for someone else.

I found this article about volunteers who built a home for a war veteran, having returned from Afghanistan in a wheelchair.  The home was built by an organization in Massachusettes, Homes For Our Troops, which organized a number of builders to construct a home for Chuck Isaacson and his family as a thank you for his sacrifice.

What alerted me to this story, and something that I actually had noticed while watching the myriad of “home makeover” type TV shows, is that wood flooring, including hardwood and laminate floors, are very often the go-to surfaces in homes where one or more occupants require wheelchair accessibility.

This is of course makes a great deal of sense, in that the smooth surfaces make access a breeze.  But, I think it also shows that just because something is practical, is doesn’t mean that looks don’t count too.  Hardwoods, high-rated laminate floors, and engineered floors tend to deliver on both.

Image courtesy of Sarah M Scott.  Click image to view Flickr stream.

Image courtesy of Sarah M Scott. Click image to view Flickr stream.

It feels like accessibility is becoming  a given in modern building, not just a specialized area of the home plans industry.   Yet, there are many homes and public buildings which were established long before the idea of accessibility became a mainstream concern.  As such, it seems to me that a greater transformation has yet to occur; when those who depend on accessibility can go anywhere without barriers, physical or otherwise.



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