Wood Decking Or Composite Decking: An Infographic

wd vs cd

Wood and composite decking materials each offer unique benefits. Choosing between them can be tough, but this infographic will help you narrow down your choice in 7 easy steps.

Wood decking is a classic choice. Composite decking materials has evolved in leaps and bounds especially during the last five years to make it a real contender, too. So, is one type of decking better than the other? Well, like a lot of things, that really depends on you, your preferences, and your immediate surroundings, too.

What the heck do we mean by that? Well, here is a handy-dandy infographic that explains the ins and outs of choosing decking materials, and will hopefully serve as a starting point for your decision-making process.

Builddirect_Wood or Composite Decking_v2 copy


Your deck, your choice

What do you think? Which decking type seems to suit you best?

What surrounding factors in your outdoor living space might make you choose one over the other?

Are there practical and visual factors that you feel are missing in the above infographic that would affect your decision?

Tell us all about it in the comments section!

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