Wood Floor Moldings in Action!

Recently, we shot some footage at Jay’s place, one of my work colleagues in marketing.  He recently installed some engineered flooring of ours from our Vanier trendy collection.  One of our projects was to talk a bit about those floors, and we shot a video about that.  But, another thing that struck us when we were filming was Jay’s use of moldings.

Moldings are great finishing pieces for wood floors that we’ve discussed on this blog before.  And perhaps, we’ll go into some more detail in the future about them.  But, here’s the video we shot which features the moldings, which we’ve called ‘wood floor moldings in action’.  Take a look.

Clearly, there are moldings here that are not represented. But, hopefully the ones that are shown here will give you an idea of what each one does, and how each one looks too.


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