Wood Floor Moldings Roundup!

Recently, we featured a miniseries about wood floor moldings, published every Friday for the last few weeks.  Just by way of a recap, here’s BuildDirect Co-Founder Rob Banks talking about each molding we covered.  Take a look!

As mentioned in other posts, wood floor moldings are the unsung heroes of an installation.  No one is supposed to notice your moldings.  But, were they not there, the whole look of a wood flooring installation would be changed, and changed for the worst.

It’s easy to think of a wood floor installation as  a functional benefit, and easy just treat it like another chore to do around the house, maybe.  Wood floor moldings reinforces the functionality of a quality wood floor, but they also add something else – artistry!  And when you’re looking to get the effect of a floor that looks as though it’s always been a part of your home or office, quality wood floor moldings can help you to get there.



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