Wood floors and feng-shui

Here on this here blog we’ve talked a lot about how practical wood flooring is, how it can add resale value to a property, and how great it looks.  But, what about the spiritual benefits of wood floors?  Well, here’s an article about wood flooring and the principles of feng-shui.

Feng-shui is an ancient Chinese philosophy which concerns itself with the balancing of energies in a physical space.  The ultimate goal of feng-shui is to increase the health of those who live and work in that space.  So, whether you put any stock into feng-shui or not, that’s a goal that’s hard to argue with.

Feng-shuiThe role of flooring in feng-shui is that of a stabilizing force, which is pretty much in line with its practical purpose too.

Be sure to read the comments in the forum section of the attached article.  There are plenty of stories of people who are making an attempt not only to add some visual benefit to their spaces through wood flooring and other elements, but also to get a sense that their interiors can be a real place of refuge from a busy life.


Image courtesy of soham pablo.

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