Wood Floors and Use of Mats

You’re looking to preserve your wood floor, and enjoy it at the same time without spending undo time worrying about it.   Frequent foot traffic on your floor is something to pay attention to, and thinking about simple ways to minimize wear can go a long way, too. One way to do that is pretty simple – get your visitors to wipe their feet on a designated floor mat.

Entrances and exits in your space are the ultimate in frequent foot traffic sites, aren’t they?  Everyone needs to get in and out.  The problem with these sites is that outdoors elements and indoor ones don’t tend to mix.  Dirt, grit, fragments of glass – all of these things can get tracked in onto your floor too.

welcome-mat-wood-floorsAnd because of this, minute scratching can occur that affects the original luster of your floor over time.  You can see where a mat at a front door, a back door, a side door, where visitors and occupants are going in and out, might help to reduce the presence of these materials.  The ‘welcome’ on the mat should be for your visitors, not the stuff that they bring in on their shoes.

And one thing to remember is to give your entrance mats a frequent beating.  Take out your frustrations, and clean your mats at the same time!  Make sure you do this outside, with the door closed, so as not to introduce the grit and dirt trapped in the fibers of the mat into your house, and onto your flooring.  And in the case of an indoor mat,  make sure they don’t sit on your wood floor while damp, too.  This is a common scenario in the wintertime, when melted snow runs off boots, onto mats, and then seeps through to the wood floor underneath.

So there you have it.  The next thing to think about is footwear, which we’ll talk about in an upcoming post.  Until then,



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