Wood-Look Tiles for a Cozy Fireplace

wood-look tiles

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Whether you have an antique fireplace or a brand-new one, adding tile can do wonders for this cozy focal point. If you’re thinking of installing tile around your fireplace, wood-look tiles can create an inviting aura for any room. These unique tiles have the look of real wood, but they’re usually made of ceramic or porcelain for safety and durability. If you’re considering these tiles for your fireplace, this helpful guide explains how to get it done right for a beautiful outcome.

Wood-Look Tiles to Enhance Your Surround and Hearth

Make your fireplace surround look striking with the addition of wood-look tiles that surround the firebox. This part of your fireplace usually extends vertically and you can add tile as high as the surround goes. Additionally you can even have it go all the way up to the ceiling. Installing the tile around your fireplace surround will create a visually stunning focal point and a unique conversation piece for the room. For the hearth, you can install tile to add durability to the base of your fireplace. The hearth is where you usually place all your fireplace tools and wood if your fireplace is wood-burning. Make sure you select floor-rated tiles for the hearth area since this part of the fireplace undergoes a lot of activity, foot traffic, and is frequently used for storing pokers, brushes, tongs, and stacks of cut wood.

Installing wood-look tiles adds rustic charm to your home and it’s fairly easy to do. You can usually complete a project like this in just a few hours as long as you have all the necessary materials. Once the tile is installed, you’ll love the warm, cozy feeling it creates in your living space. The woodgrain design evokes the same aesthetic as real wood without the safety hazard. It’s also very easy to clean and maintain so you can enjoy it for years to come.

Fireplace Tile and Safety

wood-look tile

Cabot Porcelain Tile – Redwood Series in Natural / SKU: 10103038

Real wood looks gorgeous around a fireplace, but it’s definitely not recommended for your fireplace hearth or surround due to its highly flammable properties. If the wood gets too hot, it can ignite and cause a serious fire. Thankfully, you can achieve the same appearance with wood-look ceramic or porcelain tiles without the danger or risk. When you choose your tile, make sure that it has a PEI rating of 4 or 5. Tile with a rating of 4 is good for residential applications and should adhere properly to the walls of the surround and around the border. Tile with a PEI rating of 5 is perfect for your hearth since it’s designated for commercial and industrial foot traffic. It holds up wonderfully to heavy use and will keep your hearth secure and protected.

wood-look tile

Salerno Ceramic Tile – Barcelona Wood Series in Heritage Wood / SKU: 10105269

The key to proper fireplace tile installation is not only the way it looks but also the safety factor. Make sure you select porcelain or ceramic tiles since they provide you with a fireproof barrier between the home and the fireplace. These tiles can handle extremely high temperatures without becoming damaged. They’re not affected by temperature changes which means once they’re installed, they will stay securely in place for years. Before you add any type of tile your fireplace, hearth, or surround, check your National and local fire codes to make sure that everything is compliant. This step will not only ensure your safety but it will also prevent you from having to remove it and reinstall it should something go awry.

Porcelain Wood-Look Tiles

A major benefit of installing wood-look tiles is that they can be used almost anywhere in your home. From the kitchen to the bathroom and beyond, these tiles create a rich texture and visual depth as flooring or wall accent features. When it comes to durability, porcelain is an excellent choice. This material is fired at extremely high heat and it’s denser and more durable than ceramic. Porcelain is non-flammable and will not emit toxic fumes when exposed to high temperatures. This makes it a wise option for fireplace enhancements. Material like granite or stone is not recommended for fireplaces since they are not rated to handle high temperatures.

wood-look tiles

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Creating the Perfect Fireplace

Before you begin your search for ceramic or porcelain wood-look tiles, determine what style of fireplace you have. The surface of the hearth and surround can play a big role in how easy the tile installation will be. For example, if you currently have stone around the fireplace, you may need to add a flat layer of underlayment in order for the wood-look tiles to adhere properly. Concrete surrounds provide the perfect surface for tile installation since they’re flat and smooth. You may also want to consider the design of the fireplace whether it’s wall-mounted, freestanding, or built-in. This can affect the way you add the tile as well as the size of the tile you decide to use.

Pick out the wood-look tile in a warm color that will enhance the rest of your home. Tile featuring a gorgeous grey color will add a modern element to the fireplace. Grey also blends easily with almost any other color for a versatile option you can adapt to your changing tastes. If you’re looking for something a little more rustic, opt for tile in warm shades of brown that feature a natural-looking grain. This tile is a beautiful option for cozy cabins and modern condominiums alike. These tiles offer the authentic look of wood without the worry. No matter what your decorating goals are, wood-look tiles will enliven your fireplace and provide it with a fresh, new look that stands the test of time.

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